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How to save them | Care and vaccines | A new home, a new life

Saving, caring, loving...

Leo saving pets

Vietnam Animals Cruelty is helping every single days cats and dogs in Ho Chi Minh city

- if you want to help us, we are looking for:

- cat trees, pet bowls for the food

- small furniture, dry food for cats, fresh meat or fish

If you are living in Ho Chi Minh city or abroad and if you want to give us any accessories or objets for pets only, please feel free to contact us.

You can also help us by donating a few dollars at the bottom left of this page

Thanks so much for you help

Care and vaccines

Helping cats

How to help us to save many animals?

Firstly you can choose to adopt one of them if you are living in the Ho Chi Minh city area. Another way is to sponsor an animal so a dog or a cat will receive food and cares until we are able to find a new family for him.

A pet’s general good health can be ensured by routine vaccinations, regular check-ups by a veterinarian, and by avoiding exposure to animals infected by common diseases. At the VAC, we consider that it's very important to take good care of found abused pets, so all our companions will be vaccinated and sterilized before any adoption

Discover ou little friends, for example Freddie, Dolly, Danger, Julie, Cam, Jezebel, Mary, Glenn, Nuong and many other are waiting for you

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Help us help them!

Saved dog

The VAC believes that a dog or a cat are best assessed for a new home environment by living in one. Some animals get very depressed in kennels and give up the will to live.

Waiting for to find a new loving family, our animals live in foster care home. Our foster carers are all volunteers, from many different backgrounds. They vary from working part-time, some don't work. Some are single people; others offer a busy family life.

Some have no resident dogs, whilst others have several, and many have other pets such as cats, chicken or even ducks that mean our fostered animals have an opportunity to learn to live with these too.

Is it possible to live without a pet in 2014?

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Vietnam Animals Cruelty known also under the name VAC is keen to support certain pet rescue organization in a country where dogs and cats are not the best friends of humans.

Can we tolerate in 2014, that we still abuse and torture dogs and cats to stimulate their adrenaline rush before being eaten by a minority of people. To clarify what is being questioned here is not cat/dog-eating practices but the way in which they torture these animals and the lack of law.

All rescue groups have a few things in common. They are made up of extremely caring, passionate volunteers who work tirelessly to save pets' lives. Unfortunately, they often spend time days cleaning up the messes of irresponsible dog and cat owners or people afraid about pets.

Our main goal is to inform local people that a dog or a cat has many advantages. Considering the situation in Vietnam and particularly in the big cities, we are projecting to take in and re-home unwanted and unneeded animals. We believe that we can offer little changes in our daily asian lives to hand over a better world for our kids...

The VAC organized a service or Pet Boarding/sitting dedicated to your dog or cat, if you need someone to take care of your pet during a few days, a few weeks, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Special feature

2 kitties saved from an oil pollution
2 kitties saved from an oil pollution
Châu saved from a certain death
Châu saved from a certain death
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