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How can you help the Vietnam animals cruelty to save more animals?

Purchase a tee-shirt VAC

When you purchase one or a few t-shirts you help us directly, all the money is used to take care of abused animals, cats and dogs.

Most importantly, purchasing a nice t-shirt, help us to look after the daily needs of the animals in our care.

t-shirt to help animals


T-shirts are available from S to XXL

Tee-shirt LEO

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Many thanks for your help



Votre soutien avec vos dons 

Make a donation

The VAC urgently needs funds to help protect and rescue cats & dogs in Vietnam. Please give all you can and we promise to spend your money wisely.

How your money helps?

  • $1,5 is what we need to feed a pet per day
  • $8 per kitten per week (cares and food)
  • $15 could save a dog injured (medical assistance...)
  • $30 could provide proper follow-up with animals for a month
  • $90 is necessary for vaccination and sterilization per animal
  • $120 could organize training and special course to teach vietnamese citizens to take care of dogs
  • $300 could organize events and sensitisation for children
  • +$500 will help us to build a shelter (this project costs around 40000USD)




Share ou banners 

Sharing our banners

You can add our banner, a text link or our logo on your own website or blog

our banners



Soutien facebook 

Help us with just a free click "I like" on Facebook

A simple click "I like" helps us to present our work and develop our pojects to save more animals