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What we do and our projects

My 2016 project is running...


VAC SHELTER an act of unconditional love for a more compassionate world



Vietnam Animal Cruelty (VAC) was created 4 years ago and run solely by me "Leopold Vincent", I am french and I am living in Vietnam for 11 years. Seeing the distressful situation regarding animals in the city, I decided to create a pet rescue for abandoned, abused and sick dogs and cats. I am working 12 to 16 hours a day to take care of the animals.
After the initial care at the shelter, healthy animals are put up for adoption in loving families.

Over the last 4 years, I have rescued hundreds and dogs and cats. Currently at my place, there are 60 cats, and 10 dogs.
Rescuing the animals is one thing, but providing them with a safe, nurturing and loving home is another issue. This takes lots of hard work, and money to provide enough nutritious food and basic medical care to each and every cat and dog. Cats and dogs at the shelter are vaccinated, dewormed and neutered.



Current situation

Due to the lack of understanding in society, animals are ill-treated and VAC has had a difficulty finding a suitable and safe home for the animals. I had to move many times during the last 4 years, which caused a lot of distress and difficulties for both animals and I. They are threatened many times by neighbors and thieves.
My 2016 project is to create a permanent safe and loving home for the animals, where they are treated with care and respect. I also want to provide boarding as a side business to support the daily operation of the shelter.




Project March 2016: a safe and loving home for animals

It's time to create something more comfortable than my own house, that's why my plan is to build during the next few months, a shelter quite similar to western shelters, which can accommodate from 80-100 cats and 10-20 dogs.

Phase 1: Land Purchase
Helped by vietnamese people, i am looking for a land to purchase, the cost is estimated at +/- 600,000,000.00đ (six hundred millions Vietnamese Dong) or approximate $30,000.00 USD. Actually, i am renting my house but i have so many problems with my neighbours, my owner who is changing the rent anytime she wants...

So i am looking for a 600-900 square meters in Binh Duong City. This piece of land will be large enough to ensure that there is enough room for the animals not only to live healthily, but also to have space for fun.
Ideally, the land will be close to the vet, local market, and in a quiet area

Phase 2: Shelter Construction
Costs estimated to be 500,000,000.00 (five hundred millions Vietnamese dong) or approximate $25,000.00 USD.
To be completed from March – May, 2016, immediately after the purchase of the land is completed.
The shelter includes:
- 6 small shelters for healthy cats
- 5 small shelters for healthy dogs
- 1 small shelter for dogs with special needs
- 1 small shelter for cats with special needs
- 1 area for kitchen, food storage and laundry
- 3 small shelters for boarding
- 1 house for Leo and care taker (1 kitchen, 3 rooms)

My project is also yours:

- Leo, project leader and caretaker of the shelter
- Laurent, CIO and social networks
- Eyes of Compassion Relief Organization: main supporter
- Mai Dung, responsible for land purchase and shelter construction


If you want to help me in this huge project to save more animals, here are my bank details:

Asia Commercial Bank – Ho Chi Minh City Branch – Cong Quynh Sub-branch
- Location: No. 106 - 108 Cong Quynh Street, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

My Name: VINCENT Leopold Marcel Pascal
My Address: Phường Long Phước, Quận 9, gần nhà thờ Long Đại
My phone: +84 907 348 214

Bank account: 4214 9435 1464 5105
Swiftcode: ASCBVNVX


Or by Paypal to make a donation (several currencies available)









(Tel Léo : +84 907 348 214 - Please respect my private life and contact me only between 9am to 7pm - vietnamese time)

Be aware that I am working alone, if someone asks you to take money or even food for him, do not accept!!! And please tell me about it on his facebook






Earlier in 2016 (january)

To save and rescue pets is one thing but to give them a roof, food and cares each single day it's another thing but the most important is to keep them safe and in Vietnam, it's very complicated. That's why i decided to build a huge cage, locked during the night and when i go out. Too many robberies and agressive thieves that don't hesitate to steal the pets for just a few dollars...

The buidling of the cage will start the 8th of january, 2016. A few photos below...










What is the role of VAC (vietnam animals cruelty) ?

- First the establishment of structures of work and looking for people who want to get along this project.

- The search for funds to help animals collected (accommodation, food, veterinary care...), animals that are sometimes disabled, too old that nobody wants them, they can end their days in an appropriate shelter.

- The sensitization of children through comic books, books and cartoons dedicated to show that the dog is just a reflection of his master. Taking care of him, the animal give back thousand times love and devotion.

- The organization of school buses to take children to visit a shelter and show them that dogs and cats can be perfect companions.

- The sensitization of adolescents by video clips, still concerning pets and the links with them made by professionals in collaboration with vietnamese artists (singers or fashion people).

- The sensitization of children and also adults through advertisements in different ways (TV, newspapers, internet, Tshirts, caps).

- preparing of events (concerts, fashion show, conferences).

- Work in partnership with a veterinarian and a behaviorist.

All this work will take years to change attitudes and make people understand that animals are living beings with a soul and sensitivity, we want to garantee them a better status in our society.






2013/08/06 - a roof for unwanted, hurted or disabled cats

Ulule project

A project that is important to us, starting the construction of a place for cats, we decided to launch this program on the website called Ulule due to its seriousness and specialized in fundraising.

We have 40 days to collect $1,800 needed

We count on you to give us a hand by sending to your friends the link below, it is only together that we can make a difference ...


2013/02/13- My biggest project, to build a small pet shelter

In july 2012, I found a land planted approximately 1600 m²  to build a small shelter for abandoned cats and dogs. I was very happy even if as you will see on the following picture, we will have a lot of work to clean it.

Other photos are available on our blog:

I found a builder specialized in animal house care who made a nice 3D presentation of a shelter

Refuge facade

 View from the road, 27 meters large x 59 meters long

Vue du dessus

Large view of all the areas including cat area on the left side and dog area on the top left side

Vue globale

Nice view from the road

This project received a quote at 35,000 USD (household appliance, accessories, furnitures not include). For me it's a lot of money because I am living in Vietnam with local people but if I wanted to build the same project in Europ or America, it would cost probably 3 to 4 times this price.

This project has been cancelled because i couldn't get enough money to do it...