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Bill Bob and Burt three kittens are waiting for you

Bill Bob and Burt three kittens are waiting for you

How you can help BILL BOB and BURT?

You can easily help these cute kitties by becoming their sponsor. They will receive:

- fresh food elaborated each day

- veterinary cares (vaccines, sterilization...)

- a comfortable place to live in our shelter or in a foster home until we find a new loving family for them

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 You can also become them gold sponsor: 1 call = 2 meals

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More details about Bill, Bob and Burt: We are three kittens about two months, three males, Bill, Bob and Burt.

It's difficult to differentiate ourselves because we're very much alike.

We were also abandoned in a park with nothing to eat and nothing to shelter.

Then we were rescued and now we spend happy and peaceful days.

We go to the vet for medical care for treatment against worms and vaccinations.

Later we will be sterilized to prevent overpopulation of cats at the orphanage.

Maybe we will be lucky if someone comes one day to adopt us and give us what we want ... a home.

For any informations or if you want to adopt them, please contact Leo at 09 07 34 82 14 (from Vietnam) or +84 907 348 214 from any other countries


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