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Lorena saved just in time from certain death

Lorena saved just in time from certain death

How you can help LORENA?

You can easily help this cute kitty by becoming his sponsor. She will receive:

- fresh food elaborated each day

- veterinary cares (vaccines, sterilization...)

- a comfortable place to live in our shelter or in a foster home until we find a new loving family for her

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 You can also become her gold sponsor: 1 call = 2 meals

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More details about Lorena: My name is Lorena, I am a little gray female cat about 8 weeks.

I was abandoned in the park of Pham Ngu Lao (Saigon), in a hole, in the pouring rain.

First my savior has thought I was dead, but when he touched me to check, I looked up and I meowed in a burst of hope, no ... my life was not over.

I was about to die of cold, I did not want to eat, then I was wrapped in a towel and placed between two hot water bottles because my body temperature was very low.

Now I am much better.

For any informations or if you want to adopt her, please contact Leo at 09 07 34 82 14 (from Vietnam) or +84 907 348 214 from any other countries