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6 puppies and 2 dogs mistreated

6 puppies and 2 dogs mistreated

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation interfered once again in a matter yesterday. This time, Calonne-Ricouart,  Frévent Street, France ...

"Barking, strong odors, dogs that ran away on the road ... We have received complaints from neighbors, "said the investigator commissioned by the foundation dedicated to animal protection.

The investigator asked, yesterday afternoon, the police presence - "for security. You never know. "- at the home of the owners concerned.

Two dogs (one male and one female), German shepherd malinois mixed, were found with six 4 months puppies  "in a house   totally unhealthy. " he adds that "the animals lived outside without shelter, without food or water available, attached to a 2 meters tether, while the law requires a minimum of 4 meters. " The owners have made act of abandonment. The animals, very emaciated, were transported to the vet by the investigator. A complaint will be filed by the foundation. AL. T.