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Dogs tied...Stupidity is no excuse for cruelty

Dogs tied...Stupidity is no excuse for cruelty

CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERES (Ardennes) (North of France) without going to there, voluntary and sadistic tortures   , heartless and unscrupulous owners hold their dogs in abominable conditions ... that can send them to court.

Example of a dog in a little town, pre-Ardennes peaks (visible from the road) which attaches conditions are reprehensible by the law ... especially in winter!

Is it because of  the elections approach that electrifies the public debate? In any case, the animal welfare groups have never been so quick to want to publicize their actions.

Two investigators officially mandated, Dominique H. Foundation for Assistance to Animals, and Frances R. to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, just alert us about cases of abuse they have observed on dogs tied up .

These are not animals beaten and / or deprived of food but only dogs that are attached under conditions that the law can assimilate to mistreatments to animals, if a complaint is filed.

Sometimes it happens that these poor animals combine the two, that is to say they are attached under conditions senseless (collar too tight, too short chain ...), and both victims of strokes, but the two investigators would get the message especially to those owners who consider themselves above reproach when they fill regularly the bowl of their scapegoat.

Dominique H. and Frances R. wished not to disclose their names to avoid insults or threats on the phone.
They recognize that their investigations are difficult to conduct.
The first speaks of a female Newfoundland dog in a village in the Valley of the Semoy, who had never been detached.
It is thanks to a petition from neighbors, infuriated by the incessant barking of the dog, that his fate was finally improved. The animal was attached visible from the road.
The delegate of the Pet Assistance Foundation had to call the police to remove the dog.
The dog's owner was sentenced to a fine of € 1000 and € 400 in damages to be paid to the SPA, which was plaintiff.

Freedom  killed it.
Another case of an Argentinian mastiff who was tied to a radiator ... so short that the poor beast could not even lie properly.
Wagging its tail is a reflex as do all dogs, the dog is constantly banging against the radiator and had ended by  starting to the bone!
A neighbor who had had the opportunity to enter the home of the masters of the dog has finally decided to report the situation.
The complaint is being.
The dog was removed from his torturers and placed in a family where there was no longer attached ...
But he soon died of a heart attack because he had never been used to being free to move!
"I hope he died happy," sighs the investigator.

His colleague, meanwhile, has had dealings with the case of a female rottweiller his masters living in a council flat in Round Couture locked them up in a closet.
The animal was thin to frighten.
Bardot Foundation filed a complaint.
After passing by the pound, the dog has been placed in a family. The case will be tried shortly.
The offense of mistreatment of a pet is punishable under Article R. 654-1 of the Penal Code.

Article in french from the newspaper L'Union Champagne Ardenne Picardie, L'Ardennais.