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Exemplary punishment for the executioner of the jack russell

Exemplary punishment for the executioner of the jack russell

A young man is now in court to answer for alleged acts of cruelty on his jack-russell.The 30 Million Friends Foundation, a civil party, expects a sentence up to the horrors suffered by the little dog. The case will be heard March 5, 2012 at TGI Arras (62) (Pas De Calais, North of France).


Update (6/3/12): The TGI Arras condemned the pet owner to two years imprisonment,  the maximum penalty under acts of cruelty on animals (5 / 3/12).The court also ordered a ban on keeping animals definitively. An exemplary sentence, greeted by the 30 Million Friends Foundation, which works for many years for animal abuse, be considered and punished by the courts.

Animal too expensive

The facts reported by the site, back a few weeks (5/1/12):somewhat tipsy man,  brittle likely, would done something horrifying to the dog's home, a jack-russell, on the outskirts of Arras. It would cost too much in vet bills - he already has a fractured leg because of beatings by his master - and it would have had to get rid of it.Slaughtered and dismembered in the bathtub so that any identification is impossible, the dog dies in long suffering, not far from the young children of the accused who will hear the pet's screams. The police station of Arras, alerted by neighbors, can only observe the drama once there and start investigating.

Exemplary sentence

The defendant, already known by the authorities and the bearer of an electronic bracelet at the time, was subject to judicial review. Located "in a daze" according to his lawyer because of the many medications, he was remanded in custody.The 30 Million Friends Foundation, which filed a complaint as a plaintiff, expects exemplary punishment for this act of torture and a ban - for life - keeping animals. The case was referred to the March 5, 2012.


Article 30 Millions D'Amis.

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