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Muslims of Europe have announced jihad to dogs

Muslims of Europe have announced jihad to dogs


Lamentable, ignoble, intolerable, disgusting...

Musulmans occupants of Europe that take the liberty of launching jihad against the dogs and who want to  change the habits of Europeans are intolerant and provocative, who seek only to affect the well being of european ...
After the consumption of pork which will eventually be banned in Europe, it is the turn of the dogs, and after this, what will it be next?
It is really scary ...
The Islamists are trying to expel the dogs of Europe.One of these days, a representative of the City Council of The Haye, member of the party "Democrats Islamists" Hasan Koutchouk decided in favor of banning these animals in the city, and called on municipal authorities to recognize that possession of a dog in the megalopolis was an ordinary crime.
We have long known that in Islam, the dog is considered as an animal "dirty".
One of the muslim legends, announces that this animal would have bitten once the Prophet Mohammed, so all the dogs were cursed.
Skeptics argue that Muslims had borrowed from the Jews the aversion to these animals.
Indeed, in the Old Testament, among the thirty references to the dog, only in two cases it has no negative meaning.
The hostility of the ancient Jews about  dogs was prompted by the hate of the Egyptians and Romans who respected the dogs, and   deified them.
Islam has nothing against dogs, However, it prescribes strict rules for their presence alongside man, said in the interview to "Voice of Russia" the imam of the mosque-Islam synodic Moscow hazrat Zaripov.
From the perspective of Islam, you can have dogs.
However, there are some conditions to respect.
The dog should not be in the same room with people.
Saliva and hair of the dog should not be found on the clothes and on the body of man, as well as everyday objects.
We must understand that Islam has no negative attitude towards dogs.
For example, in some Hadith, it has been told the story of a woman who was feeding a dog.
For that, she was admitted to heaven.
It is important that we respect strictly the conditions of maintenance of the dog.
The proposal of the political-Islamist Dutch could only provoke a smile, if it was a unique case when European Muslims speak out harshly against dogs.
In the middle of 2011, in the city of Lerida in north-eastern Spain, the Muslims who constitute about 20 percent of the population, have asked local authorities to prohibit the stay of these quadrupeds in public transport.
When the municipality refused to perform the requirements of Muslims, the city experienced a wave of poisoning dogs.
In Britain, travelers blind with guide dogs are more often forced to leave the bus, because drivers or passengers Muslims objected against their companions 'dirty'.
Similar cases of religious intolerance are observed in France, Scotland, the Netherlands and other European countries.
Hostility also true to many kinds of animals and aggressive demands of European Muslims to clean the cities of dogs suggests that Europeans the idea that Islamists not advocate the purity of their own faith, but rather trying to impose on countries EU standards of Sharia - the set of legal rules, moral and religious Islam.
Especially as among Christians, the attitude toward his four-legged friends of the man was always benevolent.
In Orthodoxy, there are no prohibitions about dogs, although it is not advisable to enter churches with them, says the representative of the Moscow Patriarchate, the priest Vladimir Vigilyansky.
In the ancient collection of religious prescriptions, it is said that dogs should not enter the church. There are prayers for the consecration of churches, if by chance dogs, pigs or snakes suddenly entered it.
It is believed that these animals may profane the sacred place.
However, there is no canon that prohibits having a dog in the house.
In Catholic countries, since 1931, marks the Day of the Animals October 4. This feast is linked to the name of Saint Francis of Assisi - the patron of quadrupeds. That day, in all Catholic churches, is a specialized office  for pets, and can even bring the parishioners in the church their darlings - cats, rabbits, parrots and, of course, dogs.
Aricle from Milena Faoustova, Voice Of Russia.

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