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The Killing of a stray cat

The Killing of a stray cat


Two days ago, when I was about to dine, the front door being open I heard as a whisper, the sound of a powerful spray, I looked and there I saw a group of people in a circle, and in the middle,  two young men, one with a stick, with a collar at the end, holding a cat by the neck, lying on its back trying to struggle for his life, and the other man was holding a fire extinguisher, gassing the cat at close range, right in its face.

When I approached, the cat had blood in his mouth.

A man was sitting and talked to me in english, he told me that the cat was dangerous and may be sick, it had already assaulted several people.

I replied that if that was the case why not kill the cat at once without torturing him.

I added that I had already rescued animals at home including a very large dog a few weeks ago, and that this dog was very docile and friendly, and I was glad to have found its master to give it back.

He didn't know what to answer and added that the cat was abandoned and wild, and that he ate rats.

I suggested he give me the cat because I could handle it.

I tried to catch the cat but it did not make the difference between me and the others, that I understand.

I asked them to wait for me a few seconds.

I ran home, at a few meters, to take a blanket to catch the cat without hurting him and without being scratched by the cat , and my cell phone to call a vietnamese friend to help me.

When I came back, just a few seconds later, with the blanket, the two torturers had disappeared taking the cat with them, how, I do not know and I do not dare to imagine.

The misery and the crime of this cat is to be born a cat and to have had no chance to have masters to look after him and feed him.

If he ate rats it was because he had no other choice.

I do not know if the person who spoke with me, at that time, in english, told me the whole truth about the cat.

In any case the cat was tortured and he is surely dead now after a long agony.

I did not add anything more because I see these people every day and I am afraid for my little dog, moreover the only one I have left.

Also I would have no recourse if I had to ask for help to the police, on the contrary.

There are many people who are afraid of dogs and cats (cats that we do not see very often anyway, and for good reason) here in Vietnam, under the pretext that these animals are dangerous.

This should be the contrary, it must be the dogs and the cats that should be afraid and should be wary of the cruelty of many people.

All of it is not very buddhist or taoist, not even christian!!!