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Vietnam a puppy in a bird cage

Vietnam a puppy in a bird cage
  • Vietnam a puppy in a bird cage
  • Vietnam a puppy in a bird cage

Vietnam, a country for animals ... infamous.

This morning when I went to do some shopping, I stopped in front of a heinous spectacle.

On the edge of a broad avenue where traffic is heavy, with no interruption, a few bird cages were placed there.

In those cages, there were rabbits and squirrels, and in one of them, a puppy, without a blanket, without food, placed on the grid of the cage, and of course without any water, up to thousands of exhaust systems and under a scorching sun, in total indifference of passers-by and sellers.

The puppy was very hot and when I approached to take a picture, he was interested in me, in other words when I crouched down to take a closer picture, he began to bark and whine like asking me to give him some water and even see if I could take him out of this hell.

I quickly got up and I left because it is useless to try to save him.

I should have paid him a high price and as the puppy was abused, separated from his mother too early, so he did not enjoy her milk which would have immunized him against viruses.
The puppy is even dead by now, otherwise he will be soon.

This is not the first time I see this kind of scene ...

Once I tried to give some water to puppies who were also enclosed in a bird cage and in the same inhumane conditions.
There was conflict between me and the sellers, who would not listen to me.
I left, not because I was afraid but it is better to leave some puppies to their fate and save many other animals, I mean many more, even if it is difficult for me to bear it.

The purpose of these sellers is that someone has pity on the puppy and he or she buys him, knowing that the animal will die soon then the buyer of this little dog will return to buy another one.

It should be a job for the police to control and stop this kind of trade and impose fines for unscrupulous sellers, instead of coming home during the night, at midnight to extort money from my wife, just because I have a face that does not appeal to my new neighbors.

Thank you