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Vietnam my dog victim of aggression

Vietnam my dog victim of aggression
  • Vietnam my dog victim of aggression
  • Vietnam my dog victim of aggression

I was walking my little dog, as usual in the park, at the end of the Nguyen Trai Street, District 5, in the heart of Saigon.

As I had spent a lot of time on my computer, I was a bit tired and not very attentive to what was happening around me.

I was rubbing my eyes when suddenly I heard my dog screaming.

At first I did not understand what was happening and then I quickly came to my senses.

There were three men and a woman near us, just a few steps from us.

The dog had taken a hard plastic bottle in the head, in his face.

I quickly realized what had happened.

One of the men sitting on the bench had thrown the bottle violently in my dog's head.

I realized because it is not the first time that someone hurts my dog who is always on leash and despite his kindness.

I was very angry as I never let people bother me like that and I also shoved the three men as I wanted to know who did that.

Nothing, not a sound, they remainded silent despite my insults in French, in English and also in Vietnamese.

After a few minutes, I return on walking my little companion who is often the victim of HARASSMENT from this kind of people without soul or feelings.

Cowards that's what I dealt with, cowards who use to mistreat animals because in this country there is no law to protect them.

On the contrary, we could easily believe that everything is done to make these vile beings have fun torturing animals without any worry of prosecution.