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Ban on hunting with hounds

Ban on hunting with hounds

Each year thousands of greyhounds are bred, used and killed by hunters in Spain.

Hunting activities involving Greyhounds are prohibited in the rest of Europe.

The serious abuse, systematic and large-scale suffered by these animals move the whole world, but the Spanish government denies the facts and rejects the evidence submitted by the associations of animals defense, Spanish or foreign for nearly 10 years.

Now it's important that things progress and that the use of Galgos and Podencos must be prohibited for hunting in Spain.

Their suffering is real and unworthy of a country that is part of the union.

Thank you sign and circulate this petition.

Présidente of Bulletin Des Lévriers

Picture from the website Passion Lévriers


This is my way to participate in the diffusion of this article so that people who have heart can sign the petition to stop this massacre.

We hope that the Spanish Government will understand and take good resolutions in favor of these dogs in peril.

Thank you for them.