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Humane Society International

Humane Society International


Take Action, Humane Society International is an organization with headquarters in USA, which helps pets like wild animals, worldwide.

This site is multilingual, with items (videos, photos) keeping you informed of current events in the animal world and giving you the opportunity to help this organization in various ways, by donating for example.

There are many organizations like this to fight the hard work of evil people, for profit and pleasure, who spend their time destroying so easily what others have such difficulties to build, I mean the welfare of animals, fighting animals' mistreatment or even to prevent the extinction of many animal species around the world.

It is with the help of sensitive individuals with big heart, to help associations like this, so that they last over time but also to give them the means to fight this injustice.

The animals are part of the cycle of life on earth, these associations have understood it.


Picture found on the website Pussycatdreams.