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Thank you Soi Dog Foundation

Thank you Soi Dog Foundation



I have already talked about this association Soi Dog Foundation, which is located in Thailand helping stray dogs, abandoned or even sometimes abused pets.

They do a painstaking work by creating shelters full of dogs, those dogs have mostly escaped the smuggling dog meat trade to Vietnam.

The Thai government sometimes helps this organization by funding shelters containing between 1000 and 3000 dogs.

But this is insufficient because the traffic of dogs continues, even if there are laws that condemn the traffickers.

Soi Dog Foundation lacks of qualified staff such as veterinarians and also lacks of money.

In Thailand, the dog is considered in its proper place, as a pet, friend of human and not a product of consumption that you eat.

This organization needs your help by making a donation or by sponsoring an animal, or even better by adopting one of these dogs.

Picture from Soi Dog Foundation website

Thank You