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Turkey a refuge for dogs in need

Turkey a refuge for dogs in need
  • Turkey a refuge for dogs in need
  • Turkey a refuge for dogs in need
  • Turkey a refuge for dogs in need

Renovation assistance clinic at the shelter Meliha Golbasi Yilmaz (Ankara) and purchase of equipment

It's hard to imagine a shelter with more than 3000 dogs ... and yet ... there is one in Turkey.

Foundation Miliha Yilmaz signed a protocol with the city hall of Golbasi (Turkey) to get the land on which the refuge is built. It began by welcoming abandoned dogs and stray dogs. Many births on site have quickly increased the population. The shelter does not practice euthanasia. There is unfortunately only 15 to 20 adoptions a year ...

The refuge has a dozen employees to distribute food, water, to make repairs and to transport animals if necessary. Thirty volunteers from 8 to 10 which are faithful to help the team regularly. A vet comes once or twice a week for vaccinations and routine care.

Municipalities of Ankara and Golbasi pledged officially to provide support for food and veterinary care of 3500 dogs.
This commitment is very supportive but far from enough. The urgency is to sterilize the dogs to avoid overcrowding due to births within the refuge (300 to 400 dogs born each season).

The Foundation has alerted WVS and Worldwide Veterinary Service  is preparing a visit with a team for this purpose. The Brigitte Bardot Foundation will cover the cost of medicines and equipment. The team is waiting for permits to work in Turkey and, of course, the completion of renovations of the clinic.

Indeed, the facilities are dilapidated but also the clinic and recovery rooms are in a sorry state.

The assistance of the Foundation is important for the construction of shelters. Indeed, nearly 200 dogs do not have any or are simply attached with a chain to a niche while 200 to 400 other dogs wander in the main enclosure.

We expect to continue to help. A visit in the field is planned soon.

Article from Brigitte Bardot Foundation website.


This is a very good initiative to try to help this shelter, the problem is that dogs must be sterilized when they arrived at the site, I think first, it would be good to separate males from females at their reception at the shelter, to avoid an excess of births.

We can thank the Fondation Brigitte Bardot for their intention to help the shelter Meliha Yilmaz.