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VAC a refuge in Ho Chi Minh City

VAC a refuge in Ho Chi Minh City

Some time ago, after having had the idea of creating a draft animal protection, especially for pets that are dogs and cats, I decided to go further.

Today, thanks to the help of some people, Vietnamese or foreigners, who share the same passion and the same love for animals, we have, with the abilities and skills of each developed the idea to build a refuge for these animals abandoned, lost, abused and sometimes too old or disabled that nobody do not want or even to avoid them a tragic end.

This shelter will be based somewhere around Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam, it will be built on a plot of 1600 m2.
It will be designed in a way to avoid noise caused by barking dogs and the prying eyes of nosy bystanders some time.

There will be a space for dogs and another for cats, with all the comforts needed for care, feeding, shelter from the wind and rain with parts covered or closed.
There will be gray areas with many trees to protect them from the sun sometimes too intense.

They will be temporarily quarantined at their arrival at the shelter, to ensure their health and also in the case of sick animals, to avoid contamination of other animals.
All this until these animals are reshaped to be adopted in Vietnam and why not abroad.

At their arrival at the shelter males will be separated from females to avoid overpopulation, they will all also subsequently be sterilized.

For this project, we need funds, firstly for the construction of the shelter and the maintenance.
Secondly we need funds to feed and care for these animals for periods that can be very long and for the rest of their lives for some of them.
We will also need people for this work.

All these animals will be free to roam in the appropriate spaces, except for quarantine and isolation of dangerous dogs.

The concept of this refuge has nothing to do with western havens that you're used to see in your respective countries.

In Asia we must think and design as an Asian.

Thank you to all those who help us.