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Brigitte Bardot asks the dog meat trade stop

Brigitte Bardot asks the dog meat trade stop

Strong defender for small and large animals, Brigitte Bardot asks this time that Thailand stop the illegal trade of dogs.

The old French actress asked the Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, to stop the traffic of dogs killed in illegal slaughterhouses for their meat and skin.

"Tha Rae is an unclean place where traffickers kill dogs for their meat and skin in illegal slaughterhouses after being savagely captured by the roadside or stolen from their owners," wrote Brigitte Bardot to the Prime Minister Shinawatra in a letter made public Wednesday by the Foundation.

The 78 year old woman believes that " each year 100,000 dogs are killed and as many or more are  illegally exported from all over Thailand in atrocious conditions, stacked and hungry for a journey of over 36 hours to be brutally killed and eaten in Vietnam ".

Brigitte Bardot invites Mr. Shinawatra watching a documentary made by Thai activists posted on YouTube titled Hell on Earth-Thailand's Dog Meat Trade.

Bardot Foundation and Soi Dog Foundation (thai organization) working together for a "human management" of the wandering dog population in Thailand.

First published 17 April 2013 at 09h05