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A cat burglar

A cat burglar

In England, in the town of Luton, objects are disappearing...

A mysterious thief prowls about the neighborhood. The people are wondering.

Is it a woman in black coat lurking in the shadows ? A man waiting for nightfall ?

Shirts, pants, sponges, cloths, newspapers, everything disappears !

If everything is gradually disappearing in the neighborhood, a house fills ... To remove the mask of the impostor, a camera is posted before this house.

The camera images are disturbing, it is ... a cat kleptomaniac! This cat's got guts and we see him bring back one by one the affairs of its neighbors. Check out the video from the camera!

Article from Wamiz.:


This cat is very bold and people of this district of Luton (England) surely have understood that there was nothing serious, the objects were probably returned and the cat put out of re-offending.

It's a funny story that deserved to be published.