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A dog in a real need

A dog in a real need
  • A dog in a real need
  • A dog in a real need
  • A dog in a real need

We found this dog in such a state on the street, in Saigon, so we decided to help him.

He belonged to someone who didn't care about him.

After a short talk the owner agreed and let us take his dog and give him some medical care.

He was very surprised about our interest in wanting to rescue this poor animal.

He didn't pay attention to his pet in very bad condition and for a long time.

Then we took the dog at home, gave him some food and water.

He was very happy to be in good hands as we had prepared a good and safe place for the night.

We had no other choice but to put him a muzzle because he suffered a lot and it was difficult for us to touch him without hurting him especially the next day when we took him to the vet.

Now the dog is at the hospital probably for a few weeks, he's getting better, he's treated against parasites and infections with antibiotics.

He has been shaved, also washed and treated with a special medication.

We decided to keep the dog and try to find someone to adopt him, but the problem when people see the state of this friendly pet, they don't want to adopt him and we won't give him back to his previous owner.

Anyway we won't give him up.

I think once cured, he will be a beautiful dog again.

We need some help to pay the vet's bill because it's quite expensive and we have many animals in need too.

We find some other dogs like this one in the same state, sometimes, without any care from the owners.

So if you want us to save more animals like this poor dog, to prevent them from being tortured and killed for the consumption, we need your support to continue our mission in Vietnam.



Nguyễn Văn Nghĩa DVM, PhD

Specialist of companion animal medicine, surgery and diagnostic imaging from the University of Bristol School
of clinical veterinary Medicine – England
Member of British Small Animal Veterinary Medicine Association
Lecturer of faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Nong Lam University - Vietnam

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