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A female dog produces milk for ... a kitten !

A female dog produces milk for ... a kitten !

Day after day, our 4 legged friends never cease to amaze us. But when will they stop? Probably never, and much more! Because it is such a pleasure to tell you the extraordinary adventures of doggies, kitties, and animals of all kinds!

Incredible stories like this female dog, in Minnesota, United States, that adopted a kitten abandoned. Mittens, a 4 years old female Pekinese, was not merely to cuddle and play with the kitten. The kitten has also been fed by Mittens. As incredible as it may seem, the female dog suddenly has indeed produced milk. She was not pregnant yet, and had not puppies for two years.

A miracle ?

This beautiful story began when a certain Pat Weber rescue a kitten found by her grand-son in the barn of her home. It was the beginning of September, in the city of Jordan.

The kitten had only a few days and he was shivering with cold. He was "frozen" says Ms. Weber.

She immediately wrapped the animal, since named Bootsie, in a warm towel. The kitten then began to mew and Mittens immediately took a liking to him. The dog started licking the cat huddled against her before he tries to suckle.

It is only a few days later, that what Pat Weber calls a "miracle" occurred: Mittens had milk! Since then, she feeds his protégé and plays the role of a real mother to him.

Of course, this kind of event is rather unusual. But the Weber family veterinarian says it's not uncommon to see female dogs becoming nannies for kittens.

Article from Wamiz


This is an incredible story of this little female dog who is taking a liking to this kitten and produced milk to feed him.

We'll always be surprised by these animals, it's once again a lesson for us.