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A female dog protects an abandoned newborn human

A female dog protects an abandoned newborn human

A female dog living on a farm in Ghana (West Africa) just won hero status after collecting and protecting overnight a two weeks newborn human which had been abandoned.

It has never been so close to the myth of Romulus and Remus, the two brothers abandoned, collected and reared by a wolf.

The owner of the bitch, who was concerned about not having seen her to return to his farm, has organized a search party to find his faithful friend. The farmer and his friends spent much of the night searching through fields, woods ... Nothing.

When they finally found the female dog under a bridge near the farm, they realize with astonishment that the female is wrapped around a newborn ... human !

The baby is alive, miraculously!

The female dog has probably found the newborn child and began to protect it as if it were her own puppy.

The baby is then alive and doing quite well despite infection of the umbilical cord that has been badly cut. However, it appears that the child had been vaccinated.

The child is now safe in an institution of the health directorate. It was probably abandoned by his mother, perhaps too young to take an unwanted child ... The police is conducting the investigation.

However, this story proves that animals have some of humanity where men lack it.

Article from Wamiz


I found this story fascinating while reading it. The emotional relationship between a man and his dog is real. The dog's behavior is linked to that of his master. There are no bad dogs, there are nasty people who educate their animals poorly.