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A tiny female kitten abandoned

A tiny female kitten abandoned
  • A tiny female kitten abandoned
  • A tiny female kitten abandoned


I'm a two days little female kitty and I was thrown loosely in the Pham Ngu Lao Park (Ho Chi Minh City), at the root of a tree, without any qualms.

Fortunately friendly people spotted me and rescued me.

I was then taken to a house and I was given all the necessary care so that I survive my misery, and the cruelty of people.

I was cleaned and fed with a syringe for a few days. waiting to get better.

But, the time I spent alone outside in the dirt and dust, and the lack of breast milk, has caused a problem to my eyes.

I have the cornea of my eyes damaged and despite a visit at the vet hospital, and as I'm only ten days old now, nobody can say if I will be blind or not.


Meanwhile, other nice people, so few they are, found me a mom who had just gave bith to kittens and I was adopted by this very generous female cat, not like most of the people.

We expect my rescuers and I, a few days or weeks to see if my eyes will be saved or not.

At the moment I am happy with my brothers and my mom of adoption.


I do not know what happened to my real brothers and sisters, nor my real mom.

I also think about all the other kittens that are routinely discarded and abandoned here and there under the burning sun or in the heavy rain, without food, separated from their mothers, they would never meet again.