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Atchy and Rex

Atchy and Rex

Atchy and Rex are two dogs, two brothers abandoned at the SPA of St. Mary, refuge in Reunion (french department in the pacific).

One day Christian and his wife Marie-Lina decide to adopt a pet and visit the refuge.

They then throw their sights on Atchy. But, taking the animal with them, Christian notices another sad-eyed dog who watches them go.

Two brothers inseparable with strong instinct

Arrived in his new home, Atchy is happy and quickly get used to his new masters and beautiful environment of the Reunion Island : "It's a very nice dog," says Marie-Lina, wife of Christian.

Fifteen days passed, Atchy is now integrated as a full member of the family. Then last Sunday, an incident occurs, Atchy starts barking loudly at the front gate without stopping. At his appeals, another dog responds equally tumultuously creating a cacophony in the quiet neighborhood of Beausejour.

Intrigued by all this fuss, Christian comes out to see what happens : "They barked long and I finally open the gate" says Christian. On opening the door, the stray dog ​​rushes into the garden and jumps on Atchy : "When the other dog came, he began immediately to play with Atchy. I've had chills because of the emotion growing at this moment. the next day, when I called the SPA, they explained that this was the second dog Atchy's brother and that he had escaped for several days, probably because his brother was missing too much. "

They adopt the brother of the dog

Named Rex, the brother of Atchy was weakened and emaciated by long days of wandering. The faithful dog would have traveled about 10 kilometers to the home of his brother! Since their reunion, the brothers are inseparable.

It would have been cruel not to listen to the cry of the heart of these two dogs. So, seeing this outburst of joy and immeasurable love for one another, Christian and Marie-Lina decided to adopt Rex.

Today, the two adopted dogs are happy in their new home, side by side. But a mystery remains: How did Rex found the home of his brother Atchy? Anyway, we wish all the happiness in the world with this new little family !

Article from Wamiz


There are many stories like this that we do not know, but too many stories that end tragically.

But for now we hope Atchy and Rex a happiness well deserved and long life with their well devoted masters.