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Chile a female dog saves her four puppies

Chile a female dog saves her four puppies

Amanda, a cross German Shepherd living in Chile, has shown tremendous courage last weekend, and a lot of intuition. she has proven especially maternal love is far from being reserved only for humans, going to the rescue of her puppies, trapped in a fire.
This female dog has indeed made ​​every effort to rescue her puppies, aged just ten days, while her house, located in Temuco, Chile, caught fire Saturday. A fire reportedly occurred after the explosion of a car.

Relief soon arrived on the scene to try to extinguish the flames. Very clever, brave and loving mother immediately understood that her puppies should be safe in one of the fire trucks.

4 puppies rescued by their mother

Witnesses attended the scene very touching. One by one, the female dog carefully carried her puppies from the small house to the truck to put them out of danger, they said. She managed to save four of her five puppies. Unfortunately, the fifth was severely burned and did not survive. He died the next day.

This poignant story, illustrated with a nice photo of Amanda depositing her puppies in the fire truck, once again shows how a mother's love can be strong for animals.

Article from Wamiz


We shall say it never enough, the animals have a soul with feelings like this female dog who saved her puppies from a certain death.

Fortunately there are people who understand, people who also have feelings for animals.