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Dog sentenced to death because he looked like a Pitbull

Dog sentenced to death because he looked like a Pitbull

The news saddened all those who had followed the poignant story of this dog of 7 years from Belfast in Northern Ireland. Lennox had committed no crime. He had never bitten any man, or attacked someone, was a loving dog with a normal character according to his family.

But because he looked like a Pitbull, and he was considered an animal unstable and dangerous for the Irish authorities, he was sentenced to death and euthanized on Wednesday July 11.

An irrevocable sentence despite a massive mobilization

This sentence, inevitable in light of current legislation in the UK which prohibits the possession of dangerous dogs in the city of Belfast, was executed after months of fighting of its owner, and despite the worldwide mobilization of advocates animal cause.

A petition of approximately 200,000 signatures had been signed, a website set up, a facebook page too, with over 26,000 fans and a Twitter feed and a YouTube account.

Nothing could be done. Injustice has indeed taken place.

Authorities are too strict, devoid of compassion

The story began two years ago, the family had been separated from Lennox pending a judgment. The animal had been placed in the pound.

Authorities, overly strict, refused the various alternatives proposed in the case such as placing the animal in a special home or send it to the United States ...

They will not even let the family of the animal to say goodbye. A sad story to a sad end, leaving a great sense of bitterness and a grieving family.

Article from Wamiz


We got the right to ask questions and to ask what happens in the minds of some people, for this case in the minds of authorities.
A dog is not necessarily dangerous because it looked like a pitbull and it is people that make a dog dangerous.