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Jethro a dog says goodbye to his mistress

Jethro a dog says goodbye to his mistress

There are images that take us by the throat, give us chills, bring tears to our eyes and mark profoundly our minds.

The picture of Aileen and her dog is one of those photos.

Lying on her bed at the nursing home in Pennsylvania (USA), the woman with a terminal cancer living her last moments while her relatives are in turn bid her farewell.

Among them, Jethro, her dog.

Miles O'Brien, brother of Aileen has immortalized this poignant scene where time seems to have stopped.

The dog seems to really be aware that he sees Aileen his mistress for the last time ... and the expression on the face of Aileen is simply indescribable but terribly upsetting.

Aileen Crimmings O'Brien Graef went away a few hours after the shot, August 21, 2012. This mother leaves behind two daughters, family and friends who loved her deeply, and Jethro, her dog and faithful companion.

Aileen, only 48 years old, was diagnosed with breast cancer. May she rest in peace.

Article from Wamiz


Effectively there are scenes in life that are moving, life is not always as we would like.

Wish this family as well as Jethro better days.