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Naki'o bionic dog

Naki'o bionic dog

Naki'o is the world's first dog to be fitted with a complete set of bionic paws.

Denver's Orthopets works naturally to allow him to run, jump and play like any other dog.

Naki'o lost his paws to frostbite as a puppy after he was abandoned in the Nebraska winter by his owners.

He was adopted by vet technician Christie Tomlinson.

As he grew, Naki'o had difficulty getting around on his stubs, resorting to crawling on his stomach.

So last year Tomlinson decided to get him prosthetics.

Denver's Orthopets created two for the dog, and after seeing how well he did with them, made another two for free.

It's really amazing to see how he jumps and moves around with his new feet!


Science in the service, not only for humans, but also for our four-legged beloved.