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Philippines, Kabang hero dog

Philippines, Kabang hero dog


Kabang has had his snout torn off in December 2011 in saving the lives of two girls in an accident. Philippines rally for surgery.

In Zamboanga, in the west of the Island of Mindanao, south of the Philippines' archipelago, Kabang is a celebrity.

This female dog from a cross with a shepherd is considered a heroine since she threw herself on a motorcycle oncoming two girls of the family aged 3 and 9 years.

Without her intervention, they should probably have been killed crossing the street, according to witnesses.

Because of her heroic act, she lost her upper jaw, her snout was cut short by the wheel of the motorcycle.

Since then, the grateful family rallied with philippines fans and sponsors, gathered around a website.

They want to pay the surgery to repair her snout, in United States.

« For the moment, we raised $ 4,000 », told the Philippine Daily Inquirer Anton Lim, a veterinarian working with the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation humanitarian.

In total, $ 20,000 is needed. He hopes that the dog will be able to go to USA in September, even if the entire amount is far from being raised.

We should quickly find at least $ 6,000 more in order to consider this trip.

"We already have a place to host someone in the United States while processing Kabang's treatment," says the vet.

Because Kabang also needs a close relative to accompany her to the californian specialists in veterinary maxillofacial reconstruction.

Her masters, Rudy and Christina Bunggal, do not have documents allowing them to travel.

At present, the hero female dog was placed under medical supervision and receives antibiotics to prepare her for surgery. "We need to give antibiotics regularly to protect her open wounds," says Anton Lim.

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Extraordinary story of Kabang this dog that saved two girls.

Her owners are mobilizing to make her be operated, that proves they really love their dog.

We hope Kabang that it succeeds.