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Bunny a puppy abandoned into a bush

Bunny a puppy abandoned into a bush

More informations about Bunny :

One morning i was walking with my dog in the garden when we have been disturbed by a strange sound like moanings and complaints.

Difficult to see where that sound was coming from. Apparently there was something, probably an animal into the bush.

After a few minutes i discovered a small scared and trembling puppy.

What was he doing into the bush ?

I think he has been left by someone because he was quite clean. If he had to come by himself, his paws should have been very dirty because he had to cross a muddy field.

I brought him to the VAC, the puppy was in good health, skinny but not thin.


Bunny un chiot delaisse a son triste sort


We are very pleased to announce you that Bunny has found a new family, he will live in the countryside with many other animals.


Bunny et Chou


Update from the 27th of May 2013 : we are very happy to hear that Bunny is still very happy in his new family, his owner sent us a photo of him, he changed a bit, much bigger and very tall. Many thanks for sharing, it's a real pleasure to get news about our saved pets...

Bunny adult