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Chinese netizens

Chinese netizens
  • Chinese netizens
  • Chinese netizens

Pictures of a dog with a chain attached to the back of a car and being dragged by the vehicle along the road caused an impressive wave of anger in China, where did the events.

The images were indeed published on Sina Weiboo the equivalent of Twitter in China, causing a veritable manhunt in the country, to find the perpetrator of these unspeakable acts.

Posted this weekend, photos leave no doubt about what is happening. The car in the middle of the road, does seem to move. The dog, unable to keep pace with the vehicle, then dragged on the asphalt, and it seems his legs are in the process of bleeding, which is not surprising considering what happens to the poor animal.

From indifference to indignation

On social networks, cruelty of the driver was denounced loudly. Customers, disgusted and deeply shocked that one can inflict such suffering to a dog, wondering what the canine could have done wrong to deserve this barbaric treatment. But it is also the lack of response on the part of other motorists that disturbs : Why the person who took the photo did not intervene? And why no other driver has tried to stop this person?

Inaction pissed off so many internet users that some people have tried to do justice themselves by putting their hands on the culprit to expose his identity openly. An illegal and highly controversial practice, which still allowed to trace the person responsible, probably due to his license plate. The coordinates of the man in question were then posted on Sina Weiboo, and users were invited to contact him to make him aware of his actions.

Public apologies

Harassed by Chinese netizens, the man in question, referred to as Mr. Zheng was forced to make an appearance on television to publicly apologize. He confessed that he was indeed responsible for this inhuman act, and explained that he did this to get rid of the dog because it was aggressive and had bitten people. After presenting his apologies to the whole of China, Mr. Zheng has asked that people stop to contact him and his family.

Mr. Zheng ensured that he gave up the injured dog, but alive on the edge of the road. A Chinese organization of animal protection was then decided to go to find the poor dog in the area where he was seen for the last time, but without success so far it would seem. The dog is probably gone as far as possible from this road that hurt him, and probably will not be found.

By Charlotte Grenier

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