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Gabon slaughter of stray dogs

Gabon slaughter of stray dogs

Suspended for several months, the slaughter of stray dogs has been resumed on April 20 in Libreville. 50 animals were slaughtered during the first day of this operation which involved the north area of Libreville (the former bus station Okala) and should last more than a month.

Gone are the days of respite for stray dogs in the Gabonese capital. The agents of the General Inspectorate of Health of the city hall of Libreville took over the operation of slaughter of these animals. "This operation will last at least a month a half. Then we'll see how to redirect it, always in consultation with policy makers», said assistant secretary of the Interior Ministry, Maurice Ayine, who helped launch the operation.

This initiative involved the north area of Libreville, the former bus station in Okala district, where about fifty animals were slaughtered during the first day of this operation, interrupted for several months for technical reasons.

"The equipment is expensive and these products are not available locally. To get it, we need to order from France and the products arrive after two months", said the director in charge of hygiene, responsible for the vector control, Mintsa Eya. Indeed, the agents of the Inspectorate hygiene use dart guns with poison, which kills the animals within 15 seconds.

Also, slaughtered dogs are taken to the landfill site of Mindoubé where they are put in a pit and soaked with lime to disinfect them. The next operation is scheduled in a week in Owendo.

Published on 21-04-2011 Source: The Union Author: Gaboneco


As I said before, just launch a campaign of sterilization to control births of dogs and beside dog is a pet, the primary responsibility, it is men who have abandoned them, it is to them to pay, not to dogs (their lives).
Take preventive action is better and it costs less.