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Guadeloupe, Google a dog stoned scaled and abandoned

Guadeloupe, Google a dog stoned scaled and abandoned

GOOGLE has been stoned and burned with boiling water to be better abandoned ... Google is not old, he is 8 years old, but its owners decided one day that they did want him anymore !

But it's not finished: Google, faithful to his home, faithful to his master came back each time ... So they put him in the car to "throw" him away... far away from home !

He was seen ejected from a car that drove away quickly.

It is unfortunately common in Guadeloupe, when you want to get rid of a dog, your dog or a stray dog​​, or even the neighbor's dog, swinging him over the water or hot oil or acid ... Remember Didi sponsored a few months ago ...

Google spent a week at the vet for treatment of his burns. He is now in foster care in which he was treated for heartworm. But he goes well, he is happy and his hair has already grown back.

Your clicks, calls and donations will help the association to finance part of the care of Google, also castration, serology for filariasis and ehriose and care for the burns.

In partnership with
Emergency Animal Protection Marie-Galante and Guadeloupe
Emergency Animal Protection
Post Office - BD 16

Article from ACTUanimaux



If I resume this article it's that I find important to expose what people do to animals, when I say people, sure it's not the right word, but there is no other qualifyings to name them.

Forgiving the crime, becomes complicit (Voltaire).