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In China, many dogs crammed into a cage

In China, many dogs crammed into a cage

After the key chains alive (with baby turtles), here is the photo that is much talked about on the web, we see two chinese guys proud to have dogs piled on each other in a tiny cage. Both vendors are preparing to kill dogs before getting eaten. Charming.

But that's not all. The killing takes place in full view of other dogs that howl to death. It is here in China but in Vietnam it couls be the same.

Is there here only one adjective to describe the image? Not sure ... I sincerely believe that some humans are really not worth anything.

Alexander Doyle for Wikistrike


What scares me the most is that these two chinese are very young. I feel really worried for the future. These two guys will have their own kids and how they will provide education to their offspring?