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In memory of my dog Loulou

In memory of my dog Loulou


I live in Vietnam for eight years and any vietnamese has been able to tell me if eating dog is part of the tradition.

I have been replied that is just the taste of the meat accompanied by wiskey.

It's not the fact of eating dog that I hate, it's the way dogs are treated.

The dogs are totured before being killed to create a intense stress to the animals, to give a better taste to the meat supposedly.

If they want to eat dog meat Ok but they must create breeding farms with processing conditions and required slaughter.

But here it's easier to steal dogs, it's 100 percent of profits.

There are no stray dogs because ther are some organized teams who catch them, to sell them to restaurants and slaughterhouses.

They steal dogs from people who love their animals and are very attached to them.

There is theft and handling stolen goods.

Some restaurants owners even propose tourists to bring them a dog for some vietnamese dongs.

The government do nothing despite a steady increase in theft every year, with more and more violence.

They sometimes kill people that resist.

There are sometimes lynchings of thieves by the population because the police do nothing.

My dog has been stolen one month ago.

I put wanted posters on the street, proposing 300 USD reward to people who bring me my dog back, but no news until now but the laugh and fun from people.

I suppose the dog has been tortured and killed for its flesh.

It was a dog I really liked and it really liked me too.

Almost no one wanted to help me.

I don't wish them good appetite.

I thought I was living in a buddhist country...I was wrong.

Gandhi said...We see the progress and the evolution of a country, the way people treat their animals