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Loulou one year already

Loulou one year already



It's been a year since my dog Loulou was stolen to be tortured and killed to finish in stew or with ginger sauce on the plates of some filthy people.

These filthy people, animals' traffickers or dog (cat) meat eaters (these animals that are for me and for many others, pets and not a snack at all), do not absolutly care the wrong they do the owners of these pets, which are sometimes children.

Smugglers and dog (cat) meat eaters are as guilty as each other.

My wife, who is Vietnamese, told me that is not the fact of eating dog meat that brings luck and prosperity, it's to have a dog (or some dogs) at home that brings luck and prosperity, especially if it's a stray dog that enters the house.

It's hard for me to believe that eating dog's penis increase sexual performances, especially when the meal is accompanied by a lot of alcohol, alcohol is a handicap for good sexual relations, it's well known.

Eating dog meat is not a tradition, or can someone show me history books or cookbooks explaining this shameful practice.

Thank you