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The pound of Plouzané (29) denounced by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation

The pound of Plouzané (29) denounced by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation
Brigitte Bardot alerts the President of the Urban Community of Brest (Brittany France):




" despicable conditions in which animals are held at the pound of Plouzané.



Dogs placed in boxes dirty and too small, a witness speaks of a disemboweled dog left in agony, sick cats and even a dead body left on the floor.



All this is outrageous, deeply offensive and contrary to law. Urban community over which you preside, which finances this pound must react and no longer tolerate the intolerable ! "




The Brigitte Bardot's letter continues by :




" Mr. President, your task is to shed light on these serious charges, the testimonies that I receive are shocking.



The pound of Plouzané should not be a death row, a slaughterhouse.



Brest Metropole Oceane has the means to develop a worthy pound where animals are cared ...



You have this power and even this duty ! "




Concluding with :




" I count very much on you, it is urgent for all these animals caught and thrown in appalling conditions before being killed. "




By Krystell Veillard Published  22/01/2013 | 18:35, updated 22/01/2013 | 19:22







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We hope that the state of things and the state the shelter will be arranged for the better.


Thank you Brigitte Bardot Foundation for their efforts.