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Respect for animals

Respect for animals

Most people who eat meat do not make the connection between the steak and the animal. We have a surprising ability to remember what we eat and not think about the past of the contents of our plates.

Meat, it is nothing more than the body of a susceptible animal, conscious, able to feel the joy and suffering, and having a life to live.

By what right do we appropriate his body, kill him and eat him ?

At each meal, an animal is killed especially for you: meat, so it's a murder !

And unlike animals, we have the chance to choose our meal :

Why persist in killing animals when it's possible to live without eating meat ?

The small personal pleasure of taste can justify the sacrifice of more than 3 billion animals per year in France ?

Would you eat your dog, your cat ? So why do you eat beef, pork, lambs ?

Refusing to eat the flesh of an animal is the main reason for vegetarianism: we have a duty to respect all animals, it is immoral to kill them when we know that we have no obligation to do so. Vegetarians do not have this no-necessary murder on their conscience at each of their meal.

"Animals are my friends, and I do not eat my friends ! " George Bernard Shaw

"A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food, so if he eats meat, he takes the life of an animal just for the sake of his appetite. And doing so is immoral " L. Tolstoy

Being vegetarian, it's not have a hypersensitivity to animals, it's just respect them !

Eating meat is disgusting.

As explained above, we quickly forget what we eat. Yet this meat is only the body, and you are not disgusted ? Then three minutes in a slaughterhouse to observe the processing of your piece of meat you will soon change your mind, you can be sure !

Indeed, "aesthetics play a role when choosing foods, and many do not eat meat if themselves have to kill, bleed, eviscerate and cut out the animals."

Article from La viande info.


I was part of this category of people who do not make the connection between the steak and the animal, but when I realized how animals were slaughtered (ritual slaughter of pretexts or traditions), I quickly changed my menu and it is true that with all the food we have nowadays, it is unnecessary to sacrifice living creatures just to satisfy our appetite and I assure you I am well.
Animals have a conscience, fear, anger, joy, sadness are part of their lives.