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Slaughterhouses or torture chambers

Slaughterhouses or torture chambers


We will talk about a subject that concerns all of us. Abusing animals in the human food process.

Watching the video below, it has motivated my choice, or my desire to reduce my consumption of meat even to stop eating meat.

Buy and eat meat only increases the abuse of animals
on farms and slaughterhouses in Western countries.

It seemed to me that there were laws and legislations in relation to animals, even if there are destined to be slaughtered for food chains.
Many people tell me... Yes but we didn't know...

So now you know, internet is a source of informations, thanks to people who work in making articles and documentaries, so that we no longer remains in ignorance ... the excuse is no longer valid.

So I invite you to do the same thing as me and many others already, reduce your meat consumption.

Less meat you eat and less animals will suffer from some filthy methods of some employees (and too many) in farms and slaughterhouses and your wallet will never look better.

We are guilty of our ignorance, responsable of our own choice and complice of animal torure. But as i said, it's a personal choice to respect the nature and the living.

Thank you