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Thailand a thousand dogs rescued

Thailand a thousand dogs rescued

Thai police intercepted four trucks filled with crates of dogs to be exported to Vietnam to be cooked and eaten.

During the operation launched on Thursday evening in Nakhon Phanom province (northeast) near the border of Laos, 119 dogs were found asphyxiated or dead on the road, thrown from the back of trucks by traffickers animals trying to escape the police.

Surviving animals were placed in a kennel government. 1011 animals have been saved.

A well lucrative business

In this illegal business, criminals seize stray dogs or make barter in villages to acquire animals, reported Liberation Newspaper.

According to the police, they can sell the dogs about 33 dollars in Vietnam, dog meat is very popular in this country.

But beware, in Thailand, dogs are protected, "the maximum penalty (for the offense) is one year in prison and a fine could go up to 20,000 baht (670 dollars)," said a police captain.

Finally, two Thais and a Vietnamese have been charged with trafficking and the illegal transportation of animals.

Source Libération

Photo taken from the site Animal Protection Berroise


I'm glad that these dogs have been saved and they did not finished in stew or with ginger sauce.

I'm glad there are laws in Thailand for animal protection, to when to Vietnam?