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A cat rescued by firefighters

A cat rescued by firefighters

Monday, June 12, in an apartment in Charleroi, near Brussels (Belgium), tenants hear meowing from their wall.

Trying to save the animal, the tenants dig a trench in the wall, but the cat meowing louder than ever and remains unattainable. They warn firefighters when it is 23 hours.

Once there, firefighters are trying to identify the animal using a thermal camera. The latter is apparently fell into a chimney pipe after a night stroll on the roof.

Difficult to locate and completely entangled in a piece of junk, firefighters will put the cat out at 5:30 of his metal prison.

At around 6 am, the cat is released and can finally breathe! The latter was then entrusted to a veterinarian of the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA).

We can once again salute the merit of the firefighters who every day, any hour, intervene to save lives.

Article from Wamiz



This cat must therefore his life to the firefighters who risk their own to save those of others, they have a lot of merit.

The life of a person or that of an animal, it is still a life that we must not neglect.

And thank you to the neighbors because without them the firefighters should have probably not come.