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A dog saves two abandoned kittens by the roadside

A dog saves two abandoned kittens by the roadside

A Labrador by the name of Reagan rescued kittens that were left for dead in a bag by the roadside.

As he passed them, he simply took the bag in his mouth and took it home to his mistress, a resident of Iowa in USA.

When she opened the bag, the mistress of Reagan did not believe his eyes ... It was full of blood and bodies of kittens crowded.

It was actually an entire litter of kittens that had been abandoned by the roadside. The mistress of Reagan can not even count the bodies ... 4, maybe 5.

The bag had been struck by a vehicle, hence the state of shreds of these poor animals left alone.

Amid the horror, two survivors

Nevertheless Reagan's mistress heard squeaks out of the bag. Miraculously, there were two small survivors !

Linda Blakely, an employee of the animal shelter where the two kittens, come from afar, have been entrusted, says that without the help of Reagan the labrador, they would be no longer alive.

"The instinct of the dog Reagan was to save and not to kill these kittens. With all that blood, other dogs would have acted differently. Reagan is a hero dog, "says Linda.

Today, three months later, the two kittens rescued by Reagan are doing well thanks to the attention of employees of the shelter. They are called Skipper and Tipper and each expect a caring person to adopt them.

Article from Wamiz.


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The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful then a thousand heads bowing in prayer. (Gandhi)

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