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A mother and son rescued...

A mother and son rescued...
  • A mother and son rescued...
  • A mother and son rescued...

A fire destroyed an ancient and beautiful stone house located Place De L'Ancien Four, in the center of Paraza (department of Aude in the Languedoc Roussillon in southern France), could have had dramatic consequences.

Fortunately the fire broke out in the kitchen on the first floor while 2 persons were sleeping in bedrooms on the ground floor. Another chance: at around 1 pm, the cat of the house gave the alarm by meowing loudly, waking Françoise Durand, 64, and her son of 19 yo.

The animal has probably saved their  lives !

After trying in vain to extinguish the flames, the mother and son were determined to raise the alarm. Firefighters of Lézignan, supported by their colleagues in Bize-Minervois and Saint-Nazaire d'Aude, quickly arrived on the scene.

The three apartments adjoining the house were evacuated, because of the damage communicated to the roof and common attic. The risk of spread was important.

The task of firefighters was difficult because access was complicated and the fire hydrant far enough away. But at about 7 o'clock in the morning, they came to the end.

The police brigade of Ginestas have opened an investigation to determine the origin of the fire. According to preliminary information gathered on site it could be a malfunction in the electrical outlet feeding the oven of the kitchen.

Article in french from the newspaper Midi Libre,498623.php#xtor=EPR-2-[Newsletter]-20120509-[Zone_info] 


I allowed myself to disseminate this article because I think it's a nice happy ending because the two people were rescued from the flames, although the house was destroyed, it is perhaps not the most important .

The history of this cat who saves his owners still shows, that animals are our best friend, and when we love them, they give it back so much...
This animal is certainly not a cat treated badly.