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Adoption...the metamorphosis of Saxo

Adoption...the metamorphosis of Saxo
  • Adoption...the metamorphosis of Saxo
  • Adoption...the metamorphosis of Saxo
A german shepherd, abused by his former master, had the chance to be adopted. Deemed taciturn, Saxo has become in just a few months a dog full of life with love and patience thanks to Sandrine. A beautiful story that wanted to share
Arrived at the shelter "Of Animals and Men" in Bouguenais (44) in September 2009, Saxo, a German shepherd eight years, has not been spoiled by life:"He was not fed or watered for weeks, testifies Yannick Ferrand, president of the structure supported by the Fondation 30 Millions d'Amis.Unfortunately, we could not have saved the female who lived with Saxo. "However, Saxo, whose care is entrusted to the refuge is doing well. But his legacy will be numerous:severe skin lesions, and deep apathy that discourages families came to adopt ..."He was morose, aggressive with other animals.And with humans, it became more and more indifferent.We were very concerned for his mental balance, "says Yannick Ferrand.However the shelter's team is launching an SOS via its website. And this is Sandra, a resident of the island of Yeu (85), who will remove the animal from its malaise.

Mutual adoption
In January 2011, the person who was affected by this call for help comes to Saxo Bouguenais to adopt:"The trip back was very tired, and he spent the first three days sleeping on her pillow,"Says this young woman animal lover. Gradually, Saxo will find its place and "adopt" in return  his new mistress:"He follows me everywhere, a real glue-pot, says Sandrine. He loves walking, and sleeping in our room ... on the floor, but always on my side! "She said, laughing.
The great story does not end there. While a few months later, she brings Saxo in his old  shelter to show him to the whole team, Sandra notices a strange behavior: Saxo approaches one of the box and lick a little ball of black fur through the fence."It is so undemonstrative that surprised everyone," she recalls.When Little Theo - a stiff bristle Dachshund 4 month old - is released, he rushed into Saxo's legs    ... Which says nothing, while he could not stand other dogs a few months earlier.Sandrine understands quickly that these two understand each other and she will not want to separate them.

Today, Saxo and Little Theo flow  happy days on the island of Yeu: "Saxo considers himself the eldest and takes his role to heart, said his mistress.It remains a homebody and cushy, but he regained his exhilaration . "And if it is not always a monster of affection, the animal will still get a few hugs ..."But I feel he did it to please me" laughs Sandra.The German shepherd, which suffers from osteoarthritis, regularly goes to a naturopath to be relieved of his pain.
Fondation 30 Millions d'Amis welcome the second chance that was offered to Saxo.A beautiful story that shows once again that with patience and lots of love, anything is possible."The animals of shelters give back   a hundred times what they are given," says Sandrine.
Article in french from the organazation 30 Millions D'Amis.