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Canelo faithful dog

Canelo faithful dog

Dog of an incredible fidelity… until death… Good-bye friend Canelo.

Canelo had a master, a good master who didn't care that his dog is a bastard or a dog breed, he liked it quite simply.

Everywhere it went, the dog was on his steps, anywhere, at any moment, including at the hospital where the mister was to follow a dialysis regularly, each week.

Canelo used to wait at the front door of the hospital that its master come out to return to warm or cool in his house.

And then there was that day, this day when the master will enter to the hospital for, this time to die there.

Canelo will remain with the hope of seeing its master out through the front door as usual and it will remain from this day twelve years at the emergency entrance waiting for what could only be evidence for him : see its master and return home with him.

Under the rain, the cold, the snow, the sun, twelve years, Canelo will wait twelve years.

Hunger, thirst, nothing will move it away in its faith to see his master through the door. A faith that will tenderize some people who, therefore, will take care of it and avoid it the kennel. He never walked away from that door even with hunger and thirst that tortured it.

It will wait for twelve years, to date of December 9 th, 2002 when it will be crushed by a vehicle in front of the hospital

Canelo is very famous in the city of Cadiz (Spain), so well known that it gave its name to a street of Cadiz and a plaque was affixed to tell its story.

Article from the blog Agir pour les galgos.


It's again a nice story about loyalty to its master, to death, but the opposite, what about loyalty of the master to his dog?