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Geoffrey and kipper

Geoffrey and kipper

As reported by the BBC, a fawn rejected by his mother had found stand-in parents in two dogs named Geoffrey and Kipper.

Mi-Lu was one of two fawns born to a Père David's deer at Knowsley Safari Park in the United Kingdom, but his mother showed interest only in his twin.

Abandoned by his mother, the fawn was found cold and alone in a ditch by park staff.

But with the help of the park curator's dogs Geoffrey, a golden retriever, and Kipper, a lurcher, staff were able to nurse Mi-Lu back to health.

Père David's deer, originally from China, are a critically endangered species.

At one time there were only 18 left in the world.

Article from BBC Newsround


A little story that had started badly for Mi-Lu the fawn and finally ends well thanks to  these two dogs Geoffrey and Kipper, but also thanks to the generosity of the park staff.

Life is always full of surprises.