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My dog...a man eater

My dog...a man eater
  • My dog...a man eater
  • My dog...a man eater
  • My dog...a man eater


I must write this article to explain that I live in Saigon, during the day, I walk my dog, the only I have left, because the other one has been stolen to be eaten.

So I walk it close to home, in a park and always on leash, in order not to lose it, and of course, in order to avoid bad guys to steal it or hurt it.

It's funny to see some people jumping, steping aside or going back, or protecting themselves behind a motorbike, or when they are sitting on a bench, up their legs for fear of being devoured by the monster.

This dog is so dangerous that sometimes people spit on it, gives it a kick.

And there are also very young children who do not hesitate to seize a cudgel to strike the dog, under the eye of their parents who say absolutely nothing to these  poorly educated kids.

Now I'm going to describe the man-eating dog...

My name is Toto, I'm three years, I'm  a mix of Chihuahua and Pekinese, I weighed about for pounds.

I let people stroke me whenever they want but I do not let me catch  like late Loulou.

I used to children that's why I come close to them when I meet them, but it's not always strokes I have, it's sputums or blows with sticks.

Fortunately my master is to protect me, but I will always be attached on leash to ward off these prospective blows hard.