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The mayor of Valence in the war against owners of dogs

The mayor of Valence in the war against owners of dogs


A process still outrageous, another  interference with the freedom of people and their well being, regardless if people only have only companion a dog.

I who live in Vietnam if I had to go to Valence for any reason...I will not go because I have a dog and I can not leave him alone here in Saigon, so, as long as that damn law exist s, I will never go to Valence.

Valence today and tomorrow what the other cities in France or Europe, victims of these people who disgust me.


January 9th, 2012, signature of a despotic decree, scandalous, on the circulation of dogs in valence (city in the south est of France, Rhône Alpes area, Drôme department).

Having a dog in Valence (Drôme, France), or worse, having two dogs, has become very difficult, since the mayor issued an order, that brings shame to the city.

Brigitte Bardot, directly, wrote a letter to the mayor:

Your order dated January 9th, 2012, deeply shocking and to the detriment of individual liberties, condemned to death in an arbitrary way, dogs that you do not accept anymore in your city.

Impose the muzzle on all dogs, which must be vaccinated, while the law does not impose it, prohibit pet owners from walk more than one dog at a time, otherwise it's the pound for the animal, so the death row, same for the dogs of alcoholic persons...All this is to vomit and is a fascist policy!

People who are currently in the street, with their only companion animal, is a prime target for your discrimination.

Action against puppies' traffic from Romania exploited for begging, is a thing.

My foundation is active in this area and we support any initiative in this direction, but your text has nothing to do with it because he openly attacks to the marginalized and those having more than one dog ...

How is it a crime to you?

All dogs placed in a pound (if they have walked by two, if a yorkshire does not have a muzzle, etc..) are pushed into a systematic behavioral assessment, at the owner's expense or be killed without any further form of process !

Again, you condemn to death those dogs which are faithful companions of the homeless.

My foundation provides ongoing assistance to these excluded rejected by men, you are a pathetic example, they can only count on the support and affection of their fellow-sufferer, you do not have the right, moral, to destroy this link which is often their last social link.

I am deeply shocked, disgusted by this totalitarian text,  worthy of the worst regimes.

Raids are organized to steal the dogs of the homeless, but how can you tolerate that?

Mr. Mayor, you have to break this order immediately, dogs have been impounded and are threatened with death, it is not possible to accept measures of such violence, we must and you must oppose it.

I send your order of shame, to the counsel of my foundation, but I still hope, you will have a surge of humanity to delete it from your own authority.

Brigitte Bardot "

Picture found on Wamiz website.