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Dalai Lama Tell us your holiness the twenty-first century

Dalai Lama Tell us your holiness the twenty-first century

"Tell us the twenty-first century, Your Holiness ..."

Interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama by Francois Gautier and Yves Gerber in Le Nouvel Observateur

Your Holiness, Have you ever heard of "Mad Cow"?

Yes, of course. What a horror story: do eat food containing animal's meat to animals that Nature has made ​​vegetarian! You know, we are born of Nature, we are part of Nature and Nature gives us everything we need. But how do we thank? Not only do we use it to its full potential, without giving anything in return, but we try to change the natural order of things. In doing so, we risk serious consequences, whether in plant, animal or even human. Do not touch the Nature!

So you're against cloning?

Yes, absolutely ... What Nature has created is perfect and you do not have the right to touch it.

40% of French people have stopped eating red meat. What do you think?

We can not go to a better world if we stop killing animals. From an ecological standpoint, slaughterhouses, or the huge factory farms chickens are harmful to the environment of a Buddhist perspective, every life is precious, including those of animals: I have seen such recently a trout farm and there were millions of tiny fry pressed against each other in a single basin ... it is so cruel, because they too have a life, just like us. We must have compassion for all life. Finally, from a hygienic point of view, it is best to avoid eating meat.

No violence against animals, does that also mean no violence against humans?

No doubt ...

Picture taken from the website Tendance équilibre


To conclude this article, I will take a quote from the Dalai Lama...

"Let's use our human intelligence wisely.

If not, how are we superior to animals? "